Adrian Peterson Arrested

According to the Houston Chronicle and multiple other outlets, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest early this morning in a Houston nightclub.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested in Houston early Saturday morning and charged with resisting arrest. He was arrested at 2:30 a.m. at Bayou Place, 534 Texas Ave.

According to HPD data, Peterson spent the night in the city jail, posted bond and was released this morning. The listed offense is “resisting arrest/search unclassified.”

Details are still leaking out but Pro Football Talk is reporting that the incident was captured on surveillance cameras. PFT says that police entered the club at the end of the evening and told the patrons to leave. Peterson allegedly wanted to get some water first, exchanged words with some offices and then headed for the exit. As Peterson approached the exit a policeman reportedly jumped on his (Peterson’s) back in an effort to arrest him. Considering multiple NFL football players are unable to bring Peterson to the ground, this officer also seemed to have some trouble. Other police soon stepped in and carted Peterson off to the clink.

The details of this incident are sketchy at best so take all this with a grain of salt. If, as PFT alleges, the incident was caught on tape, we’ll likely find out the truth soon.

Stay tuned.

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