Anderson Silva Invites Chael Sonnen to BBQ After TKOing Him

The first round wasn’t pretty for the champ, as challenger Chael Sonnen took Anderson Silva down and smothered him for five minutes. In the second round, however, Silva was able to keep the fight standing and eventually dropped and finished his opponent. After the fight, during the customary postfight interview with Joe Rogan, Silva put his arm around Sonnen and said something to him in Portuguese. According toSilva’s manager/translator Ed Soares, Silva invited him to a BBQ at his crib. That’s the perfect comeback to Sonnen’s famous “medium rare” line about patting Silva’s wife on the ass and making her cook him a steak. Even the American Gangster, who looked quite annoyed while the Spider had his arm around him, had to chuckle.

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  • Zach

    I thought Silva was in big trouble after round 1 and then he embarrassed Chael.

    • Carlos Sandoval

      I don’t know if he embarrassed him. Sonnen was awesome in the first round but got so gassed from being ticked off in the first round and expending a ton of energy to stay aggressive. If Sonnen had infinite stamina, he would’ve won.

      • Zach

        Sonnen easily has enough stamina to go more than one round. When Sonnen whiffed and ending up on his ass, that wasn’t a tiny bit embarassing? Then proceeded to get his ass kicked?