The Chicago Bears and Matt Forte have agreed to a $32 million contract over the next 4 seasons. (Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE)

Bears, Matt Forte Reach $32 Million Agreement; $18 Million Guaranteed

There was a lot of doubt and mystery surrounding Matt Forte’s future with the Chicago Bears. After a stellar half a season that saw analysts and pundits demanding the Bears “pay the man”. But the Bears weaseled their way off of that hook when Matt Forte went down with a knee injury that ended his 2011 season and afforded the Bears the excuse of injury to not “pay the man”.

But today there is some peace between the two. After an offseason long holdout, the Chicago Bears have agreed to give Forte a four-year, $32 million contract.

In almost a precursor to the end of the Chicago Bulls season, the Bears took a nose dive when they lost Matt Forte and Jay Cutler almost consecutively. They were at one time a high flyer in the NFC and a challenger to the Detroit Lions in the NFC North. But without their two superstars, the Bears plummeted to an 8-8 record and narrowly missed the playoffs.

Forte has said numerous times that he’s ready to go in 2012 and he even played in this past year’s Pro Bowl which he got selected to despite missing the second half of his season.

Without the long term deal, Forte would have been able to sit out the 2012 season, or play under the $7.44 million franchise tender the Bears had placed on him. Now Forte will get $18 million guaranteed from the Bears — which was a huge selling point for the running back.

With both Forte and Cutler back in 2012 and the additions of Ashlon Jeffries and Brandon Marshall, the Bears are gearing up for another serious run in a now rough and tough NFC North.

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