Penn State Receives 4-Year Postseason Ban, $60 Million Fine

The fallout from the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal continued today with the NCAA laying down unprecedented penalties against the university’s historic football program. NCAA President Mark Emmert called the situation at Penn State a “conspiracy of silence.”

Here are the details:

1. Penn State must reduce 10 initial scholarships and 20 total scholarships each year for four years.

2. Four-year postseason ban.

3. $60 million fine. Emmert says the money will go to organizations that help children.

4. Vacate all wins from 1998 to 2011.  Joe Paterno wins record is thus wiped from the books.

5. Penn State players are allowed to transfer immediately, without penalty.

Penn State will sign a “consent decree,” basically meaning they are on board with the penalties. There will be no appeal.

The penalties are likely to cripple the Penn State football program. The fine itself is the equivalent to one-year’s worth of revenue for the program. Many wondered if the program would receive the so-called “death penalty” however most will now agree that this punishment is much worse.

The scholarship reduction and post-season ban should send most top Penn State recruits and players running for the hills. With no penalty for transferring, players are likely to move on to greener pastures in an effort to escape the toxic environment. There will be football in Happy Valley this season but it is clear now, for a while anyway, the golden days of Penn State football are over.

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