The Breaking Bad Season 5 Drinking Game

The long wait is finally over and the Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere is just hours away.

Here at The Barstool we’re celebrating in style. We rented a 1970’s RV, loaded it up with a cooler full of PBR and explosive chemicals, drove it out into the middle of the desert and hid the keys. We’re ready to go.

If you are in the unfortunate position of not having a beat-up old RV at your disposal but still want to welcome back Walt and the gang in style, we suggest you go directly to the store, pickup the alcoholic beverage of your choice and join us in The Barstool’s Breaking Bad Season 5 Drinking Game!*

*Readers taking part in The Barstool Breaking Bad Season 5 Drinking Game do so at their own risk. Neither The Barstool staff nor the FanSided Network are responsible if you drink yourself to death, blow up your house or find yourself on the hit list of a Mexican drug cartel.

Without further ado…



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