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Greg Jennings: Lambeau Leaps Get "Grabby"

One of the most legendary images of football, particularly recent NFC football, is of Green Bay Packers players scoring a touchdown and then leaping into the stands to celebrate with their fans. It’s a time honored tradition now that only really seems right when done at Lambeau Field. But Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings is opening up about what it’s like to plunge yourself into a sea of beer, cheese and bodies after you score.

In Jennings words, the leap gets a little touchy feely and some fans are, as he describes, “grabby”.

“I try to go away from the men because the men get a little grabby,” Jennings said.  “The women get grabby too but them men it’s like come on, really, seriously?”

Jennings didn’t elaborate any further on the physical misconduct that goes on during the famed leap, but it apparently hasn’t stopped him from honoring the tradition whenever he scores. Perhaps Chad Johnson had the right idea when he fake leapt into the stands some years ago.

Packers fans are not about to stop welcoming Jennings into the stand however. But this year may be the last he gets to take part in the celebration, as his contract is up at the end of this season. The Packers have not indicated whether they will bring No. 85 back for another season next year, and with what Aaron Rodgers has been able to do with no-name targets in Green Bay it’s hard to imagine Ted Thompson throwing gobs of money at Jennings to get him to stick around.

But that’s all in the future, and likely depends on how many times Jennings takes the leap this year.

Take about earning your money.

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