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Randy Moss Scores 14th Career Touchdown Against Packers

He didn’t pull down his pants, he didn’t do a dance, he didn’t leap into the crowd or even fake doing so. Instead, Randy Moss flexed his muscles and congratulated his teammates after catching his 14th career touchdown pass against the Packers on Sunday.

Moss has bounced around the league since his renewed glory days in New England and it’s been two full years since Moss last caught his last touchdown. He spent time in Minnesota with Brett Favre and in Tennessee before missing all of last season after “retiring”.

Moss’ touchdown celebration was fitting. He has done something in San Francisco he hasn’t done his whole career since coming into the league in 1998: he’s kept his mouth shut. No Super Bowl promises, no “straight cash homie”, just football. Moss has been doing all the talking with his legs and his hands since coming to the 49ers and it paid off right away.

At this stage in his career, Moss is playing on borrowed time. He’s already a Hall of Famer and he’s only solidifying that by returning to the NFL a much wiser and quieter player than he was before. Randy Moss may not stick around much longer in the NFL, but he’s finally (and seemingly) completed his character arch from the stoner who runs over meter maids, to a humbled player thankful to be able to play the game he loves.

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