Man Threatened to Kill Kids over New LeBron James Shoes

We live in the age of the internet and unlike 5 years ago, it’s pretty common knowledge that if you say stupid things online, you can and will be held accountable for them. Just ask Gilbert Gottfried or Ashton Kutcher how that goes, as both have had gaffes on Twitter that hurt their image.

But neither have stuck their foot so far down their own gullets that the authorities have had to get involved, like the case is with 21-year old California resident Eric Yee. After posting a comment on ‘s comments section on an article about the new Nike LeBron X, Yee has found himself in police custody and considered a terroristic threat to society.

This is because Yee stupidly commented that he could see kids from where he was and wouldn’t mind killing them if he saw them wearing the Nike LeBron X. If this was a joke post like he’ll likely say it was when he finds himself in court, cue the crickets please.

Now, we’ve all said it, “Boy I’d kill that guy” and none of us have been serious about it. But as was demonstrated throughout the last decade and a half in America, most notably at an innocent midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado two months ago, people are capable of horrific things and we live in a society that now has to take every single threat — light hearted or not– very serious.

This isn’t to suggest that Yee was being lighthearted. Less than two months ago a slew of young people were murdered in cold blood, and although I support comedians making jokes rendered ‘too soon’, Yee is not a comedian, and worse yet he has a house that overlooks two schools — and he owns a lot of guns according to local police.

Yee is being held on $1 billion bail — no laughing matter.

Is that an overreaction, perhaps. But again, any intelligent person is A) not going to even jokingly say he’s going to kill children unless he’s George Carlin and B) isn’t stupid enough to go on and stoke the coals of fear over children being murdered. People still aren’t cool with going to the theaters yet, you don’t think you’re going to draw a little fire by saying you’re going to kill more over a pair of shoes?

This isn’t the first time an idiot has posted something regarding sports online and been arrested for it. Back in 2006, former grocery bagger turned professional moron Jake Braham spammed various sites claiming he planned to detonate bombs at the Georgia Dome, Sun Life Stadium, Qwest Field, Reliant Stadium, Paul Brown Stadium, the Oakland Coliseum and Giants Stadium. He served a six month sentence in federal prison for that.


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