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Broncos LB Joe Mays Suspended For Hit on Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub began Sunday’s match with the Denver Broncos with his whole ear intact, but he didn’t end the contest that way. In the third quarter, Broncos linebacker Joe Mays delivered a brutal hit on Schuab that ended up taking off part of his ear, as Schaub’s helmet flew from his head.

The hit seemed legal at the time, but upon further review it’s clear that Mays lowered his head and hit Schaub on the chin with the crown of his helmet. Whether or not you agree with Roger Goodell’s czar-like stance on savage hits, this one was bad and it’s the kind that needs to stop.

Not only did Mays lead with the crown, it was a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless quarterback (dual no-no’s there) and Mays clearly came in late when he delivered the hit that ultimately cost Schaub a piece of his ear. As a result, the NFL has suspended Mays one full game for the illegal hit, meaning he’ll be out of the Broncos contest next week against the Oakland Raiders.

Mays is expected to appeal the suspension, but with viciousness of the hit combined with not only the NFL’s stance onthese types of hits but the heat they’re taking in the aftermath of Golden-Gate between the Packers and Seahawks it’s highly unlikely that the suspension will be lifted.

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