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Michigan State Accuses Ohio State of Cheating in Saturday's Game

When teams lose, there is always a slew of excuses and an array of blame pointed at people not on the losing sideline. In the NFL, fans were gifted with blaming replacement refs until this weekend and in college football officiating is a popular scape-goat as well. But Michigan State has filed an official complaint to the Big Ten after Saturday’s 17-16 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

In the complaint, the Spartan’s allege that Ohio State doctored game film that they sent to Michigan State ahead of this afternoon’s game. Each week, teams are required by the Big Ten to exchange game film, and Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi claims that the Buckeyes cut out bits of film such as motions and shifts.

“We had tape cut off all week, where they changed the tape, I’m not gonna lie to you,” Narduzzi said. “They send you tape and they’ve got it all cut off and you don’t get to see shifts or motions or anything else.”

He claims that the Buckeyes received game film that contained footage that looked to be cut out of the tape Michigan State received. Had the Spartans not lost, this likely wouldn’t have been a story but give Narduzzi credit for finding a creative place to blame the loss this week. But Narduzzi says that it’s not just the Spartans who are making this claim, other teams have apparently stepped up and told Michigan State they’re not the only ones receiving doctored game tapes.

“A few other teams we talked to that they played, and we compared what they were looking at on tape to what we were looking at,”  Narduzzi said. “We’re like ‘We don’t see any of that. We see it on their tape but not on our tape.’ So that’s something I’m sure the Big Ten office will hopefully take care of.”

Conroversy is the last thing that Ohio State needs, and the Urban Meyer era was supposed to be a new and fresh one for the Buckeyes after the Jim Tressel era ended in crash and burn fashion. Meyers is denying that any tape was doctored this year.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Meyer said. “I don’t handle the video. What are they saying?”

Either way, until something is actually uncovered by the NCAA, the fact of the matter remains Ohio State is the best team in the Big Ten and the only one left in the Top 25. Michigan State only has doctored tapes and their own tears of defeat to show for their efforts this season.

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