Rams Score TD Against Seahawks on Fake Field Goal

Usually when NFC West teams meet, it’s a dismal and unwatchable affair. But there’s a trend out west that revolves around talent, and for once in a Blue Moon, the NFC West might be the most competitive division in the NFC.

There would be no justifiable reason for anyone outside of St. Louis and Seattle to be watching the Rams-Seahawks game going on at the moment, but they’re actually good teams putting on an entertaining show. That was demonstrated in a fake field goal that ended in seven points for the Rams.

Trailing late int he second quarter, the Rams were setting up for a field goal that would have made it a one point game, but instead Jeff Fisher and company decided to go for it all, and they took the lead back when punter Johnny Hekker through for his first career touchdown pass, hitting Danny Amendola in the back of the endzone.

After winning last week and looking impressive all season long, the 2-1 Seattle Seahawks are struggling a bit against the Rams who are searching for their second win of the season. It’s a competitive division this year, and it looks like it will be even more so in the coming years but if the Rams do pull this one out, we might be looking at an NFC West that is competitive no doubt, but commutative within itself (remember the race to 8-8).

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