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A’s Offended by Tigers Sealing Game 2 Win with a Kiss

Josh Reddick is outraged, livid, off his meds — wait that last one didn’t make any sense. Well if you ask Reddick what doesn’t make any sense he won’t tell you it’s the fact that the No. 2 seeded Oakland A’s are heading back home a game away from elimination. Instead, the A’s outfielder will tell you that Al Albuquerque sealing the Tiger’s Game 2 win with a kiss was downright unprofessional and uncalled for.

First off, Al Albuquerque? What is Stan Lee creating pitchers now? That name of epicness needs to be addressed and kudos to Al’s creative parents.

That creativity obviously wore off on the Tigers pitcher as he literally sealed Detroit’s Game 2 win with a kiss, as after he snagged a come-backer to the mound with two outs in the ninth, he smooched the ball before tossing it to first baseman Prince Fielder for the final out of the A’s half of the inning. Detroit would go on to load the bases and walk off on a sacrifice fly, securing a 2-0 series lead.

The A’s were hardly tickled by our friend Al’s antics.

“It did get under my skin,” Reddick said after the game. “It was very unprofessional. I didn’t appreciate that one bit.”

What Reddick should probably not appreciate is the fact that the team with the second best record in the American League managed to get four runs on nine solid hits and still manage to fumble away a crucial playoff game in the ninth inning. It marks he second straight day that the A’s stout bullpen has let them down and as stated prior, they now return to Oakland licking their potentially fatal wounds.

As for Detroit, don’t expect any more kisses of death from the bullpen. Al Albuquerque’s services wouldn’t have been needed had Joaquin Benoit been able to control himself and not allow two earned runs in the eighth — one of which was a solo shot by the aforementioned Reddick — to tie the ball game at 4-4.

But no matter he bullpen woes, the Tigers have looked sharp in their first two playoff games and will have Monday to giggle about their little kiss incident as they prepare to slay the A’s in front of an Oakland crowd and advance to their second straight ALCS appearance. It’s worth mentioning that although the Tigers fell victim to the Rangers last year, the only other Tigers ALCS appearance of the last decade came in 2006 when they swept none other than the Oakland A’s on their way to a World Series berth.

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