May 5, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; UFC president Dana White (right) poses with Strikeforce MMA female champion Ronda Rousey during a bout between Johny Hendricks and Josh Koscheck during UFC on Fox 3 at the Izod Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Is Ronda Rousey headed to the UFC?

Is the UFC ready for Rousey-mania? Fansided’s Elton Hobson believes Ronda Rousey could be headed for the UFC – and sooner than you think.


It’s not exactly an insider secret that Ronda Rousey would eventually make her way to the UFC. She’s everything Dana White loves in one of his top stars: A talker, and a devastating finisher. Someone who can work the media, sell a fight, and then do something no one’s ever seen before.

Or in Ronda’s case, do something everyone’s seen her do six times before – including her opponents, who are still powerless to stop her. Every one of her fights has been an “event” fight for the MMA world, in a year when injuries have destroyed every marketable MMA fight this side of Sonnen vs. Silva II.

Still, most folks thought her UFC debut was a ways down the road. She was still signed with Zuffa sister promotion Strikeforce – and as perhaps the biggest star in the organization at the moment, she wasn’t likely going anywhere.

But all that’s changed in the last couple of days, with a succession of news tidbits that give serious credence to the idea that Ronda Rousey is UFC bound. Don’t consider this a hard and fast confirmation, because it’s not. All I’m saying is there’s so much smoke surrounding this whole situation that it’s at least possible there’s a fire.

First’ there’s the increasing number of vultures circling high above the Strikeforce promotion. The news broke on Monday that Showtime, the premium cable channel which airs all of Strikeforce’s events, was considering ending their partnership with Strikeforce. Without a TV partner to air their cards, Strikeforce is dead in the water.

All this on the heels of Strikeforce canceling their September 29th event, entirely because of Showtime’s refusal to air the event without lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez in the main event. I don’t recall Spike TV ever pulling the plug on a UFC event because of a last-minute injury to a headlining fighter. Maybe not the best example, in light of the not-so-distant UFC 151 cancellation fiasco.

And then there’s a tweet Dana White sent out recently that – wait, what? Yes, “tweets” are legitimate sources of news information! Welcome to the 21st century.

Said tweet was a picture of Rousey, seated before a buffet of food including an inhumanly large sundae of some sort. His text read ““I want the cyborg fight so if 135 won’t work let’s get @rondarousey to 145 :)” Get it? Thanks folks, tip your waiters, he’s here all week – oh, and if you don’t like the flyweight title fight special you can just get the f*ck out right now.

I contend that, from this meaningless tweet, I am allowed to draw the following conclusions:

1) Dana White’s love of Ms. Rousey is alive and well

2) Dana White wants Ronda Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg” Santos, which to my knowledge he had never publicly expressed before.

It’s nice to see Dana come around on women’s MMA after sitting on the fence for so many years. We can credit that entirely to Rousey, by the way, who is quickly becoming the “face of women’s MMA” in a way Gina Carano never quite did, all respect to both ladies.

Dana White loves Ronda Rousey. Dana White wants Ronda Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg”. And Strikeforce is in danger of closing up shop.

I don’t think you need to be Nostradamus to read these tea leaves: Ronda Rousey in coming to the UFC, sooner rather than later.

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  • Josh Sanchez

    I just tweeted about this yesterday. Women will be in the UFC and it’s happening SOON. Ronda Rousey is promoting UFC products left and right and the UFC is promoting her, too. She is a big money draw and a great personality who can help the UFC market women’s MMA. She’s the star Dana White needs right now. It’s a perfect match.

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