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A-Rod Not in Game 5 Lineup for New York Yankees

The A-Rod marriage in New York seems to be on the rocks. After under-performing basically his entire career with the Yankees (namely in the postseason) the Yankees have finally said enough and have benched their $300 million man for the decisive Game 5 showdown with the Baltimore Orioles.

A-Rod is hitting a mere .125 so far in the ALDS which is good for 63rd among active players in the playoffs thus far. To put that into perspective, A-Rod is being out hit by something called Pete Kozma and Seth Smith.

This isn’t new news for Yankees fans who have grown increasingly displeased with the expensive lack of production from Rodriguez. But the real question that needs to be begged now is will this mean the end of A-Rod in the Bronx. After spending almost a decade in pinstripes, A-Rod has been anything but an instrumental part of the one World Series the Bombers have won during his tenure.

To make matter worse, the Yankees have paid their third baseman/water boy $218 million so far since 2004 and they still owe him $118 million. No one wants A-Rod at that price for the production he’s put out and as financially obese the Yankees are, they’re not about to eat that contract. The fact of the matter is the Yanks are stuck with A-Rod and they have to pay him at least for the nest year or so.

Maybe A-Rod will get the message by being benched. But if he doesn’t the rest of the world is reading it clearly. You don’t just bench your $300 million infielder for a crucial elimination game if you’re not serious about your hatred for him. The Yankees may not be the most likable team in baseball but even their harshest critic, all of whom have giant smiles on their faces, has to feel a minuscule amount of sympathy that this A-Rod experiment has gone so horribly wrong.

When will his time in New York be up? No one knows for certain but one thing is known: A-Rod will not be in the Yankees lineup as they fight to keep their World Series hopes alive.

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