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Drew Brees Discusses SEC's Dominance Over Big Ten

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is a former Big Ten quarterback who now lives in SEC country. Today, with college football being the main focus of the national media, Brees was on a conference call and discussed his disappointment with the Big Ten. Basically, the former Purdue Boilermakers quarterback thinks the Big Ten cannot compete with the top conferences in the league — specifically the SEC.

Here is what Brees had to say when he sounded off about the SEC’s dominance during the call.

You know what? I’m so disappointed… especially because I live in New Orleans and it’s SEC country, and all I hear is SEC football this and that, and I can’t talk,” Brees said. “I can’t say anything because the Big Ten just has not represented well, especially when we play SEC schools, we just get smashed.

“But, you know? And I don’t want to sound like, ‘Hey, back when I played…’ (old man voice) I felt like, man, late 90s. When I look at some of those (teams, it was impressive).”

Brees continued to talk about the Big Ten from the days that he played. It was back in the day when the Big Ten was a power house and could take down any competition. Times have clearly changed now.

Like the Wisconsin team with Ron Dayne, two-time Rose Bowl champs, and we had some battles with them,” Brees said. “Penn State, LaVarr Arrington, Courtney Brown, that defense, they were second in the country when we played them my junior year. Michigan, they were fifth in the country both times we played them. Michigan State, they were 10-11 win team, beat Florida in a bowl game my senior year. Michigan beats Alabama in the Orange Bowl my junior year… I felt like we were toe-to-toe with any conference in the country. And it seemed like we were always well-represented playing Pac 10 teams and SEC teams and Big 12 teams. Man, we just held our own and … I don’t know.

“But for whatever reason, we certainly can’t compete with the SEC right now, unfortunately.”

Brees is spot on. While the Big Ten may have been competitive when he was with Purdue, the SEC is just now in a class of their own.

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