LeBron James featured in new Marvel comic "King of the Rings"

If LeBron James won’t already receive his fair share of media hype and adulation this season, and deservedly so after capturing his first championship, he will be the featured character in a new comic book series — in which he attempts to fulfill his goal of winning not one championship, not two, not seven and … you get the picture.

Marvel Comics and ESPN partnered up for this endeavor, titling the series “LeBron: King of the Rings”. The first edition will be published for ESPN The Magazine on Oct. 19. A digital copy will also be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. (You can check out the copy here, too.)

The series opens with an image of James, alongside teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, and his infamous championship proclamation. (You certainly remember that, right?) It then takes us into the future, or the present in our instance, as James has added a Larry O’Brien trophy and gold medal to the ledger.

Going through a rigorous period of self improvement, in which James works with legend Rick Barry and gypsy street magicians; he acquires the ability to levitate, making traveling essentially impossible. James used his new found ability to upend the Oklahoma City Thunder again in the 2013 Finals, earning his second ring in the process.

Then, due to the punitive luxury tax, Miami is forced to resort to a lineup consisting of James, 43-year-old Juwan Howard, 395-pound Eddy Curry, a slightly functioning Mike Miller and zombie Shane Battier, whose salary, fortunately, doesn’t count against the salary cap since he legally passed away in 2014. Despite the collective strength — or lack thereof — James’ Heat win another title.

James also pits forces with Bosh, Wade, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and 67-year-old Dennis Rodman, all of which sign for the league minimum, to win a title for Cleveland. James succeeds and owner Dan Gilbert cries a single tear — of coal. (This may actually happen.)

The final image, fittingly, is of James, in the ensuing season, with the fateful decision that has plagued his career: Should he pass or shoot?

Check out ESPN.com and search for “King of the Rings” to pick your own ending.

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.

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