Lance Armstrong to Step Down as Livestrong Chairman

In an effort to salvage the good name of the company he founded, Lance Armstrong is stepping down as the chairman of Livestrong, the cancer awareness and research group that was founded back in 1997 by Armstrong.

The decision comes a week after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released documents that provide evidence that Armstrong has been using performance enhancing drugs for the last 14 years.

After famously surviving testicular cancer, Armstrong founded Livestrong in 1997. Since its inception, Livestrong has not only become the poster company for cancer research and awareness, but its become a hub of knowledge for people who want to live a healthy life style.

It is because of the popularity and importance of Livestrong that its founder is having to distance himself as much as he can from it. Despite detesting the idea of doping and vehemently denying it for more than a decade, documents released last week hold sworn testimony from 11 of Armstrong’s former teammates stating the cyclist has been lying through his teeth this whole time.

 14 years of accomplishments were stripped from Armstrong last month including a record seven Tour de France titles. And now he doesn’t even have his company that he built and popularized. Armstrong is now forced to distance himself from the little yellow wristbands as far as he can, as Livestrong is more than just the company of a cheating, lying cyclist.

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