Fan Runs Onto Field Mid-Play During FSU-Miami Game

Fans do stupid things when alcohol or the prospect of bedtime fun-time is involved. But one fan at the Florida State-Miami contest has pretty much topped all college streakers to date and the man didn’t even have to show us his beer gut and hairy man boobs. During the game, in the middle of a Florida State passing play, an orange clad fan (guess which side he was rooting for) ran onto the field, running to mid-field where he took a page from Madonna and struck a pose.

Amazingly, the fan didn’t meet a number of awful demises and somehow missed all the players running at full speed in the middle of the play. In fact he didn’t even really effect the play, he just kind of wafted through it like a moronic orange ghost. The ACC officiating crew determined as much, and even if you’re privy to their suspect ways, the fan really didn’t play a factor.

“It was determined that the fan on the field had no effect on the play, and therefore Florida State has the ball, first down.”

Words you never thought you’d have to heard articulated by a referee.

Nevertheless, the fan running on the field was not only amusing and dangerously idiotic at the same time, but it jives with the obesity of the Seminoles-Hurricanes rivalry over the years. Either the fan was heavily inebriated or he realized his actions would be etched into the lore of this epic rivalry.

Judging from the action being etched into said lore, the fan was likely both.

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