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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Considering Canceling Pro Bowl

The NFL is all about the quality of the product it puts on the field. It has taken pride for a long time in being the highest level of football you can play with only the best of the best ever hitting the gridiron. It’s because of this that commissioner Roger Goodell is considering canceling the game that showcases the best of the best, as he feels it’s just not up to par.

And this year’s Pro Bowl could be the last we see played in a long time.

Speaking on XM Radio recently, Goodell said that if the quality of play in the Pro Bowl — which is supposed to showcase the game’s best– doesn’t improve, he’s just going to scrap the game altogether.

“If we cannot accomplish that kind of standard (of high play), I am inclined to not play it,” Goodell said. “It is really tough to force competition, and after a long season, to ask those guys to go out and play at the same level they played is really tough.”

The NFL would still select Pro Bowl teams, but like other offseason awards, being named to a Pro Bowl team would merely be an honor like being named to an All-Pro team.

Goodell said that last year’s lackadaisical All-Star game “was embarrassing” to watch and that it motivated him to consider scraping that game. It’s not the first time Goodell has thought of getting rid of a game many players think is pointless. Not only is it a glorified flag football game, it is just another opportunity for the NFL to sell tickets and milk the revenue cow one last time.

He didn’t say it’s a forgone conclusion that the Pro Bowl is on it’s way out, but if we’ve learned anything during Goodell’s tenure as commissioner it’s that when he wants something done, good or bad, it gets done.

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