[Video] Terrell Owens Loses To 4-Foot-5 Man In Pick-Up Basketball Game

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is still looking for a job but getting no interest from the league which has put a serious halt to his comeback. So with all of the free time, what has T.O. been up to? Well, Owens has long had a reputation as one of the best basketball players in the NFL and he has been spending some time on the hardwood.

Recently, the 6-foot-3, 224-pound man accepted a challenge from a slightly smaller man in Los Angeles.

The little man who challenged T.O. was a member of the Venice Basketball League named Mani Love. Love spotted T.O. in an area gym and dropped the challenge. Of course, a man with an ego the size of T.O.’s could not say no so the two scheduled a date on the court for a one-on-one matchup.

What makes this one-on-one game so unique? Standing at 4-foot-5, Love is nearly two feet shorter than Owens.

The two had their face-off recorded and you won’t believe what happened. Love shocked T.O. on the court and pulled off the miraculous upset by a score of 15-14 after a shot from deep three territory.

“I loved it. He had me grasping for air a couple of times,” Owens said. “Don’t believe the height … little man got game.

I know what you’re thinking now: “I want to see T.O. get owned on the basketball court.” Luckily for you, here is the video for your viewing pleasure. Check it out and enjoy T.O.’s humbling experience on the court.

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