Lawrence Taylor Talks About His Love For Prostitutes Under Oath: "I Like to Stack the Deck"

Lawrence Taylor was perhaps one of, if the the best linebacker to ever play the game of football. But he’s also a classic tale of what not to do when you become famous and rich, and what happens when someone who needs help doesn’t get it.

Taylor, the former Super Bowl champion, has been in hot water more than once over the last 20 years when it comes to how he conducts himself off the field, specifically when it comes to his affection for prostitutes. Despite being on probation for a 2010 arrest, Taylor spoke recently about how that’s not going to throw him off his chase for hired tail.

“I know I’m 50-plus years old.” Taylor said under oath during a trial hearing for a lawsuit filed against him for sexual misconduct with a minor. “I still like the chase, but I like to stack the deck in my favor. I don’t like to work too hard.”

Before you hear what Taylor has to say, this isn’t your normal case of an old man trying to penetrate the Fountain of Youth. That 2010 arrest that has Taylor on probation was for allegedly raping a then 16-year old girl. The now 19-year old woman is in the process of suing Taylor, and his blunt comments about how he likes to get his rocks off isn’t likely making his attorney’s too happy.

Taylor said after he awoke in his Rockland Hotel room, a girl he thought was “cute” was beside him and he claims she told him she was 19. Never the less, the then 50 year old Taylor said he couldn’t help himself.

“After seeing her and looking at her — and I thought she was cute — that didn’t seem to be a bad option,” Taylor said. “At the time, she was too sexy, yes. I went as far as she would let me go, until she said, ‘No.’”

The 16-year old clearly sang a different tune when it came to recollecting the event and Taylor was sentenced to six years probation for sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute.

But the overall disturbing nature of this story is just another tragic chapter in Lawrence Taylor’s life. He’s never been mum about his love of sex, admitting in a 2003 autobiography that he had a “prodigious appetite for sex” and had a more than one call-girl on speed dial, or words to that effect.

Taylor is slated to tae the stand again today as the trial over the lawsuit filed by the 16-year old girl continues. The prosecution, however, is likely going to have a pretty good day.


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