(GIF) Colts RB Vick Ballard Wins Game in OT With Ridiculous TD

The Indianapolis Colts were in a brawl with the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, one that saw Andrew Luck lead his squad into overtime. But it was the Colts running back, something called Vick Ballard, that perhaps made the highlight play of the week to win the game on a ridiculous touchdown run that saw him pretty much defy the laws of physics and gravity all in one leap.

Ballard took the hand off and when he got down near the goal line he launched himself into the air and twisted his body almost all the way around to make sure the ball crossed the chalk inside they pylon. But the most insane part is the fact that Ballard turned into a missile, launching himself at the five yard line and literally flying into the endzone from there.

The win, as ugly as it was, improves the Colts to 4-3 on the season and although they can’t ever hope to catch the hot shot Texans who lead the division, they are making things interesting when it comes to the wild card. This Colts team is doing something Colts teams over the past 15 years have seemed to do: take guys not a lot of people have heard of, out them in big spots and reep the benefits.

The model for the Colts in the post-Marvin Harrison era has been get a big name quarterback, and fill in serviceable players. Vick Ballard? T.Y. Hilton? But he Colts are getting it done and even though they’re not going to win the Super Bowl this year, the future is more than bright for the Colts. Today was just a small example of that — and at the very least, Ballard gave us the highlight of the week.

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