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Panthers Fielding Trade Offers for RB DeAngelo Williams

The NFL trade deadline is this Tuesday and there are a slew of players reportedly on the black ready to be traded for the right price. One of those players apparently is Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. The Panthers threw gobs f cash to keep Williams in Carolina a few years ago, but now they are reportedly “willing to listen” to trade offers from teams around the league.

Williams is still productive, and the way his contract was structured suggested this kind of move was on the horizon, as Williams deal was front loaded with guaranteed money in the first two years.

This means if a team like the Green Bay Packers want to make a deal, they will be buying low on Williams as opposed to absorbing a bloated contract.

Besides, the Panthers have been running with a back by committee for some time now, and Jonathan Stewart has proven he’s more than capable of being able to be the lone back for Cam Newton’s offense. Williams is averaging 5.0 yards per carry this year, but Stewart has kind of always been viewed as the heir apparent. The only question was when would Williams move on and open up the backfield for Stewart to take over all by himself?

The time seems to be now, but there is no guarantee that the Panthers and another team can hash out a deal before the trade deadline. Carolina is 1-5 and there’s no real reason to hang onto Williams, but that doesn’t mean they won’t wait to deal him in the offseason when more teams have had time to evaluate their situation. Now is the best time to sell on Williams however, as teams that need a running back will be pressured to make a deal with the hopes of a Super Bowl as a result.

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