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James Harden "Devastated" Over Being Traded to Houston Rockets

What happens when you turn down a $52 million contract that a championship contender offers you? Well apparently you get traded to the Houston Rockets for two players, a carton of chocolate milk and a box of crayons.

That’s what happened to Sixth Man of the Year James Harden, who decided to pass on a $52 million contract from the Oklahoma City Thunder who then promptly traded him to Houston, a team willing to give him the max contract he wanted in OKC. But the Oklahoman is reporting that on his flight to Houston, Harden said he was “devastated” over being traded.

James Harden boarded an airplane Sunday morning, bound for Houston. He was “devastated,” said someone who knows the Bearded One. Harden and his family both….

Harden was stunned that the Thunder actually traded him to the Rockets. He didn’t believe the Thunder would do it.

- Excerpt from The Oklahoman

According to sources the Oklahoman has, the Thunder reportedly made a last second plea to Harden by upping the offer to $53 million. However Harden was told if he didn’t accept the offer he’d be traded to Houston.

That ended up happening, but Harden shouldn’t beat himself up too much over leaving Oklahoma City. It’s not like Harden was cut loose by the Thunder for nothing, he made up $24 million by being traded to the Rockets.

And although I myself have never been in the possession of $24 million, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of things Harden can buy to ease his pain.

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