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Photo: Alabama's Jesse Williams Has 'YOLO' Tattoo On Face

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Jesse Williams will soon regret a decision he made to mark his body. YOLO — “You Only Live Once” — is a catchy phrase used by some to express their belief that you should live every day to it’s fullest. It is also used as an excuse for when you make decisions like tattooing YOLO on your face.

Williams has the tattoo right by his left ear. Here is an image of the tattoo, courtesy of

Williams is covered in ink but the YOLO tattoo has to be one of the most questionable decisions he’s made. At least the tattoo can be covered up with a football helmet but Williams won’t be walking around his entire life covering up the tattoo. YOLO may be the tattoo that stands out the most but Williams has many interesting tattoos that he claims all have a deep, personal meaning.

My favorite of Williams’ tattoos is the one on his hand which reads:  “I stopped checking for the monster under the bed when I realized the monster is me.”

You have to wonder what Nick Saban thinks about that decision making.

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