NFL Trade Deadline: Blockbuster Trades We'd Like to See

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This year, thanks to social media and an all-time high in terms of popularity when it comes to the NFL, the trade deadline is actually looking like it will be a pretty interesting one. In baseball, the deadline is unofficially Christmas in July as even if you’re not an avid follower of teams making trades, it’s still entertaining to see big (or popular) names move teams mid-season. The NFL has always lacked that entertainment factor with their trade deadline but interest has picked up in recent years and even if all the “insiders” are blowing smoke with speculation of potential Madden like deals, it’s still fun to hear.

So if this was the MLB trade deadline, here are a few flurry deals we might see:

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

St. Louis Rams trade RB Steven Jackson to Pittsburgh Steelers 

This year it seems as though running backs are the NFL equivalent to pitchers at the deadline. Everyone wants to get the pitcher that’s hot at the moment and try and ride that to the World Series. In the NFL there are a lot of contending teams that could use the help of a running back to keep their dreams on track. The Steelers have had issues in the backfield since the preseason when it was clear Rashard Mendenhall wasn’t going to be 100 percent. His back up eventually went down and now the Steelers are without a run game altogether. On the Rams side of things, they’re 3-5 and struggling to stay alive in the playoff hunt. This is a team that’s building for the very near future, but the future nonetheless. Jackson is a great back and can still work in St. Louis but if someone wants to buy high on him, the time to sell is now. With a high draft pick the Rams can grab a running back that works in their system and will be ready for the future. Meanwhile the Steelers get a veteran back that fits their age bracket and can help this team make a few more serious runs at titles. It also would continue a sort of tradition of Ram running backs traded to Pittsburgh (see: Jerome Bettis).

Probability: Low

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