September 22, 2012; Columbia, SC, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier directs his team against the Missouri Tigers in the second half at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-US PRESSWIRE

Were Steve Spurrier’s Comments On Dabo Swinney Taken Out Of Context?

Steve Spurrier spoke at a fan rally on Monday that was set to honor injured South Carolina Gamecocks running back Marcus Lattimore. Spurrier read the announcement from South Carolina governor Nikki Haley which proclaimed yesterday Marcus Lattimore Day in the state. The acknowledgement came on Lattimore’s 21st birthday.

Lattimore watched the event by way of his computer and listened to the crowd sing him “Happy Birthday.”

Later in the rally, Spurrier spoke to the crowd and gave credit to Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney for his kind remarks towards Lattimore.  As you would expect from the media trying to stir up trouble, Spurrier’s comments were taken out of context.

Spurrier caught some backlash for his comments, but when you read the full text you will realize that Spurrier said the comments with no ill will.

Here is what Spurrier said during the rally:

I read one today from the head coach at our upstate school — you know, that school that used to beat us a lot that doesn’t beat us much anymore — usually when that coach up there talks about South Carolina it’s a bunch of garbage and a bunch of BS. Usually. But I have to agree with him on what he said the other day. He said, ‘Marcus Lattimore stands for what’s right about college football.’

Is there really anything wrong with those comments? It just seems like Spurrier was acknowledging a kind gesture from one of his school’s rivals while injecting a little bit of humor to lighten the mood.

What do you think of Spurrier’s comments? Sound off in the comments section.

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  • Debbie Woodrick Hall

    I think he meant well, but Spurrier has never been known to have a way with words!

  • Baker

    Listen I’m a die hard Gamecock fan and I normally love and fully support every piece of trash talk Spurrier provides. This was not the appropriate platform though. He should have just acknowledged a gesture from Dabo. This whole thing with Lattimore was supposed to be above football and rivalries and by throwing those extra bits in Spurrier brought it back down to that.

  • kwame

    Oh for crying out loud, Lattimore isn’t dead. This wasn’t a memorial for a burned building full of orphans and nuns. It was a pep rally and he made a crack at Clemson while acknowledging a nice comment.

  • John Nichols

    Grow up Dabo and quit acting butt hurt!

  • CoachnSC53

    How was this quote taken out of context? I watched the video and this is what Spurrier said. It was at a rally for Marcus Lattimore, not a pep rally for the Clemson/South Carolina game. He did not give credit to Dabo Swinney. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even mention him by name. He said he simply agreed with one of Dabo’s comments. Read your own quote above. I think Spurrier would have been better served if he had left out the derogatory comment and just acknowledge the gracious remarks made by Dabo Swinney. But that has always been and always will be Steve Spurrier. Love or hate him. I personally think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion, but not sure any fan would look at this comment, if it was about their coach and school, and say, “Oh, he was just having some fun and trying to lighten the mood.” And, oh yea, you are part of that “media” that likes to stir things up. If this was a non-story, why am I reading this?

  • LSU Tiger Fan

    Spurrier’s message was an attempt to further RALLY his school. They were very dis-heartened with the injury to a well liked Athlete. They still have games to play, and to needs keep the “School Spirit” pumping. He kept the attitude flowing as it should be. Lattimore is NOT dead, and will in the near future, be welcomed back on the sidelines. By changing the “Somber” mood, to an uptempo school rally, he did a Wonderful job, and should not be ashamed of the comment.

  • Mechelle Baker

    I am deeply ashamed for the University of South Carolina today. To turn what was supposed to be a show of support for a very talented young man into a dig at another University is classless. The comments by Dabo Swinney were sincere and heartfelt as were many of the others who sent well wishes to this remarkable young man. Yet, the Ole Ball Coach decided to mock the well wishes of one coach instead of simply saying thank you. What kind of example is that to set for the young men under your guidance? Very badly done coach, very badly done.

  • Garcia

    Just another old egotistical coach losing his way. Hopefully he quits before he goes all Woody Hayes. Did he pull Marcus’s scholarship?

  • Cecil

    Typical Steve Spurrier. He could have worded his remarks a lot better. He could have simply acknowledged Dabo’s remarks and said something to the effect that when things like this happen it tends to bring people together as human beings, even those who normally are your greatest competitors when it comes to sports.