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(VIDEO) Angel Pagan Handed Out Free Tacos at Taco Bell Drive Thru

In case you didn’t know, because Angel Pagan stole a base int he World Series, Taco Bell handed out free tacos all day yesterday as part of their “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion. The deal was if anyone steals a base during the World Series, Taco Bell would hand out one free Doritos Locos taco from 2pm-6pm nationwide.

Because Pagan was the guy that got the nation free food, he wasn’t about to hide from the spotlight. Not only did he give us the stolen base that gave us free food, he literally gave fans that free taco at a local San Francisco Taco Bell. And in this trying time in America, with hurricanes banging the east coast and a tense presidential election tearing the nation apart, Pagan was happy he could bring us all together with something we as American’s have time and time again proven we love: free food.

“I feel happy that I brought everyone together in the United State,” Pagan said. “It’s a great moment for all America.”

Yeah that was literally his quote. Awesome? About as awesome as free tacos.

You might not have been a Giants fan, but this World Series was special for a lot of reasons. For the more sensible folks out there, it was proof that you can win multiple World Series with a homegrown roster and not have to break the bank in free agency.

For the average American, interest in baseball is at an all time high thanks the one thing we will never vote against: free food!

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