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Darren Sproles Could Return Next Week

When word came down that Saints running back/everything man Darren Sproles had a broken hand which would keep him out for 4-6 weeks, Saints fans wondered what else could go wrong. The running game for the Saints has been alright this year, but Sproles adds more than just energy out of the backfield when he suits up.

Bottom line is, the Saints need Sproles if they want to try and turn this season around as much as they can. 4-6 weeks is a long time to be without someone like Sproles.

However, there are now conflicting reports on how long the back will be out. We’ve been going along with the 4-6 weeks diagnosis (because it makes sense), but a source has reportedly told that Sproles could very well be back next week.

This could just be a source with wishful thinking trying to put put fires by setting more, but if the Saints could get Sproles back next week, they can’t really ask for much  more. But coming back from a broken hand that quickly is not only a little too good to be true, it sounds an incredibly foolish thing for Sproles to o.

It’s not like the Saints are setting the NFL world on fire, so risking further injury this season just to prove your loyalty to New Orleans is a bit dramatic. That being said, Sproles isn’t a young man so his hunger to get all the action he can see makes sense as well. As we said, bottom line is the Saints need Sproles, and if he’s back next week –broken hand or not– they’re not going to stop him from torching teams.

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