Nov 3, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Oregon Ducks running back Kenjon Barner (24) receives congratulations from offensive lineman Hroniss Grasu (55) and receiver Will Murphy (89) after Barner scored a touchdown against the Southern California Trojans at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Oregon defeated USC, 62-51. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Which Unit Is Better: Oregon Ducks Offense Or Alabama Crimson Tide Defense?

If college football keeps playing out as it has so far this season, the fans seem destined to see the seemingly unstoppable Oregon Ducks offense face off against the always impressive Alabama Crimson Tide defense in the BCS National Championship Game. Seeing the unstoppable force meet the immovable object seems to be exactly what college football needs today.

Both teams are led by aggressive coaches in Nick Saban and Chip Kelly, so which head coach would get the best of the other?

ESPN SportNation polled America on which unit was better overall and the overwhelming response was that the Ducks offense is the best unit in college football. The Oregon offense seems able to score on anyone and they cannot be outscored. However, would Oregon be able to light up the scoreboard against a SEC defense?

ESPN Sports Nation polled the fans to see which unit is better — the Oregon Ducks offense of Alabama Crimson Tide defense.

Let’s hope that college football fans get to see this treat for the national title. There isn’t a more exciting match up out their for the fans so everyone needs to root on Oregon and Alabama to finish the season unbeaten so we can get this dream game.

Which unit is better?

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  • Tom “Papa” Bryant

    While I think Bama-Oregon is the likely game for the BCSCG, it will be a one-sided cakewalk for the Tide. Oregon’s offense is a gimick offense – its a GOOD gimick, one that Clemson, FSU, Notre Dame, South Florida, and a lot of teams are emulating with great success, but a gimick nonetheless.

    There are two ways to defeat that gimick – one is to have an equal amount of speed on defense (Alabama has that) and two is to hit peoople so hard they start looking for the hit rather than run their precision routes and running blocks (Alabama does that too.) So while Oregon may legitimately be the best team in College football outside the SEC, they aren’t even close to being enough to beat the Tide. Head to head, Bama wins 28-10.

    • jonathanhakim

      Maybe it was a gimmick when Oregon was trying to make due with guys like Jeremiah Masoli. Now that they’ve upgraded their talent tremendously, I don’t see how it could still be called a gimmick. USC is full of 5-star defensive players and has a defensive genius coaching them, and they still can’t defend Oregon after 4 years of trying. It’s been almost 2 years since anyone held them below 35 points, and that was against LSU, in LSU’s backyard, with an inferior QB, and was the very first game many of these players started, 23 games ago. And they STILL got 27 points even though they fumbled 4 times.

    • allthegoodnamesweregone2

      I agree, Bama would probably beat Oregon. Their defense is, as always, stellar. And their offense is better than last year’s championship team. I just have to get you on this: how the hell can you say Notre Dame is emulating Oregon’s offense with great success, and what are you smoking? ‘Cause I want some of that sh*t.

  • Jeremy Young

    We want em’! Alabama will destroy Oregon’s offense and it will go on record for the world to see! Alabama’s Defense is in a whole different relm and will throughly handle anything Oregon throws at it! We want em’ and the sooner the better!-Jeremy*RTR*