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Seattle Mariners Could Be Major Players for Josh Hamilton

Every year it seems the Seattle Mariners get talked up by analysts as that particular year being the one they will restore the glory of the late 1990’s/early 2000s. But recently talks on the Mariners and hype surrounding them has cooled, but it’s starting to look like we could see a major resurgence in talent and prowess when it comes to baseball in the pacific northwest.

While the Mariners have a young, but talented roster, they haven’t been able to do anything beyond be barely relevant thanks to Felix Hernandez being one of the best arms in baseball. But the Mariners have money to spend, and a roster full of players that can move around, which means if they wanted to go out and spend big in free agency, they’re in a great position to reel in a top target.

Like Josh Hamilton.

We speculated earlier this month that the Mariners could look to add Zack Greinke to their rotation to add an extra punch behind Hernandez. But if they don’t go after Greinke, another target that insiders are projecting Seattle cold be hot after is outfielder Josh Hamilton. However, unlike the talks of Greinke to Seattle, the Hamilton to Seattle rumor holds some water since the Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik has publicly stopped short of saying he’s one of their top targets.

“If the right bat’s available, we’re going to have to talk about it,” said Zduriencik. “We’re going to have several discussions with agents. We have to be flexible.”

The slugger would be plugged into left field in Seattle and would add serious power to the lineup (understatement of the month right there). Tying it back to the Greinke talk, the Mariners would be killing two big birds with one stone: they’d be shoring up their lineup and adding a star to the roster but they’d also be plucking said star away from a divisional foe in the Rangers.

Hamilton is estimated to bring in a total salary north of $100 million this offseason, so if the Mariners want him they’ll have to go big. But if they get him, all of a sudden there’s buzz in Seattle once again and the Mariners might be capable of filling up Safeco with a historically loyal crowd, and reviving the glory days of entertaining and talnted M’s baseball.

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