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(VIDEO) Kings Rookie Robinson Ejected, Faces Suspension After Vicious Elbow to Jerebko

There’s an old cliches sports writers and announcer love to bust out whenever something happens to a rookie. We’ve all heard it and dread to hear it every time the NFL debuts a rookie quarterback who is sacked or the NBA sees a rookie get dunked on by a superstar. Welcome to the league rookie.

For Sacramento Kings rookie Thomas Robinson, the slogan sounds more like welcome to the league, open up the wallet and have a seat.

In the Kings game Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons, late in the fourth quarter with the Kings up by five, after Chuck Hayes allows the ball to go out of bounds and the whistle to be blown, Robinson does something so blatant and stupid, only watching it on video does it justice. Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko is draped all over Robinson’s back and even though the whistle had just been called, Robinson was having none of it and threw a nasty elbow into Jerebko’s jaw.

The play resulted in an ejection for Robinson but his punishment won’t end there. He’s violently elbowing people in a league that’s bleeding money and will take what ever petty cash they can. That’s usually the case with fines when it comes to the NBA, but in this case the league is well within it’s right to fine the rookie for a senseless elbow.

In addition to the fine, Robinson is likely looking at a suspension as well from David Stern, who’s not about to let a rookie come into the league and start bashing skulls with less than five games played by most teams.

As some have also pointed out, in the video it’s the Kings announcers ripping Robinson which only happens when it’s so blatantly obvious that the foul was nasty.

Welcome to the NBA Thomas Robinson.

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