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Los Angeles Dodgers Looking to Sign Kevin Youkilis

There is no question one of the biggest duds of last season were the Los Angeles Dodgers and how after making huge trades and massive movements, they came up lame. But they’ve got all of their major players under contract — including the pieces they traded for last year– and they’re looking to add even more to their arsenal in a bid to just out hit, pitch and spend everyone in baseball.

The Dodgers are ‘hot landing spots’ for a lot of free agents, if you ask the ‘experts’ who are just speculating at this point. But one rumor is starting to hold water, as the Los Angeles Dodgers are considering going after third baseman Kevin Youkilis to fill avoid in their infield.

Teams are already getting unnerved by Los Angeles seemingly bottomless pockets, an annoyance that has rival GMs across baseball who are looking to court Youkilis nervous that Los Angeles will simply outbid everyone else for the services of the former Red Sox and White Sox corner infielder. So far the Phillies, White Sox, Cubs and Indians have all mentioned interest in Youkilis, but the Dodgers are now a late addition to the race.

Currently Los Angeles is planning on using Hanley Ramirez at shortstop after using at third base for a majority of last season after getting him before the trade deadline from the Miami Marlins. If that plan stays intact, that would mean the Dodgers would have a rotation of Nick Punto, Jerry Hariston Jr. and Luis Cruz wth Cruz getting a majority of the starts at third.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Youkilis will come to Los Angeles under a certain set of circumstances: if Cruz becomes the Dodgers new super-utility man, Hanley Ramirez moves to shortstop and the club sends Dee Gordon to Triple-A. So far, Ramirez is going to start at shortstop next year and Cruz works better as the lead utilityman for the Dodgers moving forward.

And as has been established, money is not an issue for the Dodgers.

Talks with Youkilis haven’t gone far yet, but if the Dodgers really want him, there’s really nothing to stand in the way of them getting him.

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