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Kansas City Chiefs Still Haven't Paid Todd Haley

When a head coach is fired and he still has years (and zeros) left on his contract, the team who fired him is supposed to pay him what they owe him. It’s usually the upside to getting fired, you have the potential of getting two paychecks at once while both your old and new team pay you. In Todd Haley’s case, the Steelers are the only team paying him as the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to pony up and pay him what they still owe him.

Haley was fired a little under a year ago by the Chiefs after a terrible start to the season and a rough relationship with his staff and players. Haley accepted a job with the Steelers as their offensive coordinator this offseason, and he’s looking to get some payback this week as Pittsburgh takes on the Chiefs, but he’s still waiting on that pay check.

And it’s not a small amount the Chiefs owe him, as according to FOX Sports insider (and one of the only real insiders in the business) Jay Glazer has reported the Chiefs still haven’t paid Haley the $2.5 million salary he’s owed.

The reason for the wait on the back pay is the Chiefs don’t think they owe it to Haley. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before — Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders have notoriously fired coaches and claimed “just cause” (different from just because, which has also seemingly been a reason). But this is still an unusual situation to be looking at.

Kansas City will be able to hang on to the cash the owe Haley for the time being, as the ultimate decision on whether or not the Chiefs have to pay Haley is up to Roger Goodell and won’t be ruled on until later this year.

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