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Angles OF Mike Trout Named A.L. Rookie of the Year

The baseball season may be over but we’re entering the one of the most exciting times of the year: awards season. Over the course of the next week we will learn who baseball writers across the country think deserves pay raises and who doesn’t. We’ve heard who gets the Silver Slugger awards and we have an idea of who we think will get the major awards.

Take for instance the A.L. Rookie of the Year. Mike Trout was the favorite to win the award and he did, being named to the honor today. Despite the fact that Trout played in the majors last season, he didn’t get enough at-bats to have his ‘rookie’ title lifted, and it carried over into this season.

Trout had a phenomenal season, hitting .326 with 30 home runs and 83 RBIs after being called up back in April. By winning the award , Trout becomes the youngest player ever to win the Rookie of the Year as Detroit Tigers second baseman Lou Whitaker was over 2 months older than Trout at the time he won the award  back in 1978.

Also of note, is the fact that Trout was the first unanimous winner of the award since 2008 when Evan Longoria won the honor. Trout becomes the eighth player in baseball history to win the award in such fashion. For winning the award, Trout will get a $10,000 bonus on top of his salary that came in on the books under half a million dollars.

Don’t expect Trout to stay at that pay grade much longer.


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