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Floyd Mayweather Bets $275k on Spurs and Wins on Buzzer Beater

If there’s one things we all apparently know Floyd Mayweather likes to do, it’s beat people up for a living and gamble his winnings on sports games. Mayweather infamously bet $3 million on the Alabama-Michigan game at the beginning of the college football season, but he’s at his old betting ways again. This time Mayweather placed over a quarter of a million dollars on the San Antonio Spurs to beat the Lakers on Tuesday — and this time he won.

Winning back $270,000 after that $3 million hit he took at the beginning of the fall doesn’t seem like much, but Mayweather has never been one to shy away from — let’s call it balling. But Mayweather almost went 0-for-2 on his bets, as the Lakers held a late lead until Spurs guard Danny Green hit a go-ahead three pointer to evetually win the game and get Mayweather his chunk of change.

Mayweather also didn’t shy away from flexing his betting muscles on Twitter:

He followed that tweet by including a picture of his betting receipt.

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After the game Green, with the Mayweather bet still unbeknownst to him, talked about the unexpected three-pointer to win the game and stun a packed Staples Center.

“(Popovich) drew up a play and said, ‘If you’re open, catch it and shoot it,'” Green said. “When he draws plays for the young guys like myself, it’s very rare and very surprising. You don’t expect it. It’s only my third year here, so for him to draw up a play for me, there was a lot of pressure on me. But you take the shot with the confidence he gives you.”

No word on if Mayweather is going to kick back some of his winnings to the man who’s confidence won him all the dough.

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