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Alabama's Governor Thinks He Could Have Coached Crimson Tide Better than Nick Saban

Whenever a team loses when it appears they otherwise should not have, we get blanketed with a phenomenon known as Airchair Quarterback Syndrome. It’s an very preventable disease, but it’s so easy to indulge oneself in, and as soon as you’ve started it’s hard to stop and realize you might not actually know better. While nobody was criticizing Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, one particularly powerful man in Alabama was throwing shots at the coach who was telling McCarron what to do in Saturday’s upset loss to Texas A&M.

Alabama’s governor Robert Bently recently took time to speak about the questionable play calling from Saban on Saturday when the Tide elected to run the ball just once in four plays on the Aggies goal line. The governor was likely pandering to voters, but there’s not dounting he was echoing their sentiment.

“I would actually have run the ball for four straight times,” Bentley said when asked if he would have run the ball on 4th down from the 2-yard line. You can hear the governor in all his twangy accented glory burn a man that, if he ran for governor would likely beat him by a sizable margin.

Politicians thinking they know better than everyone else when more often than not they don’t isn’t a new revelation. But not only am I finding myself agreeing with a politician, I’m agreeing with one from the deep south, and lots of college football fans who aren’t from Alabama are feeling the same. Now thanks to Saban’s play calling the Tide need two major losses by two if the top three teams to get another shot at a national title.

In all honesty, the Tide got off light. They only dropped three places in the BCS, and a governor ripping them is really the least of their problems at the moment.



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