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Thomas Johnson, Missing Texas A&M Player, Found Alive

For the past two days, a lot of college football fans — who it turns out are human beings after all — have been holding their breath after the news that Texas A&M wide receiver Thomas Johnson was reported missing. Thankfully, this story doesn’t have a gruesome end, as Johnson was found alive and safe today by police.

There’s still little information as to why Johnson went missing in the first place, but for now all that matters is the young man is safe.

“We are pleased and relieved to find T.J.,” Aggie head football coach Kevin Sumlin said. “Our foremost concern is for the health and wellbeing of T.J. I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and efforts in locating him.”

Johnson went missing late on Monday evening, and still hadn’t contacted any of his family members as of last night. The university and their police started a manhunt to find the missing Aggie,  a hunt that according to the Dalls Morning News, brought Johnson’s worried mother up  from Dallas to the campus as they searched for her son.

When all was said and done, Johnson turned up 180 miles north of College Station in, of all places, Dallas.

This isn’t really the time to speculate as to the mental health status of the 18-year old. No further information on his disappearance or the motivation behind it is known at this time. It was speculated that Johnson was traveling to the Dallas-Fort Worth area as he has family there, and this theory is backed up by the act his mother came from Dallas and Johnson ended up there.

But the main thing to take away from this is that the young man thousands of people were worried over is now safe. This little story goes a long way in restoring faith in not only college football fans and their souls, but in humanity in general and how people are indeed still capable of caring no matter what color they bleed.

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