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Josh Cribbs Wants Out of Cleveland: "I Feel Caged"

The Cleveland Browns are a franchise in turmoil — and they kind of have been since they came back to Cleveland in 1999. But as bad as years past have been, this season of ugly transition has to be  up there with the 1995 season when there was angst and pain surrounding the teams move to Baltimore. There is no doubt that this Browns team is going to have a new face, and things could be bright in the future, but right now things couldn’t be worse.

Josh Cribbs, who was at one time the only recognizable name on the roster, has had enough and wants out of Cleveland per a source — that source being Cribbs own words. In talking to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cribbs did his best Keyshawn Johnson give me the damn ball impression.

“There’s something wrong when one of your best athletes doesn’t get the ball.” Cribbs said. “I’m tired of people that don’t know how to use me.  Get creative.  Find ways.”

This season, Cribbs has only gotten the ball eight times in the Browns nine games. New quarterback Brandon Weeden is still growing as a pro, but the Browns have relied heavily on rookie running back Trent Richardson and when Weeden has passed it’s either gone to the another receiver, the ground or the other team.

“I’ve talked to the head coach but there’s no point,” Cribbs said.  “Obviously they feel like everybody that’s in front of me is a better athlete.  I disagree.  I feel a different way than the coach feels about me.  They must feel I can’t produce. We have a difference of opinion.”

Cribbs in in the final year of a contract that wasn’t going to get picked up even before his little hissy fit. But Cribbs believes that when he hits the market this offseason, it’s not going to take long for a team to sign him, lusting after his skill set.

“Me going from being able to run the Wildcat, to playing receiver last season and catching 41 passes and four touchdowns to nothing,” Cribbs said.  “I can’t believe it.  It’s like by me not playing, I feel like they think I’m not good, that I’ve lost it.  But I haven’t.  I feel when I’m out there I can contribute, but I’m not able to.”

However, if teams are going to want to get film of Cribbs, they’ll not find much of him from this year.

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