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Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Suffers Concussion in Loss

The injury was literally added to the insult in the Eagles 31-6 thumping on Sunday by the Redskins. Late in the game running back LeSean McCoy was hit hard and had to leave the game. He didn’t return and it was confirmed by head coach Andy Reid after the game the McCoy suffered a concussion.

McCoy was hit so hard by Redskins safety Madiu Williams that he had to be carted off the field with under two minutes left to go in a game that was clearly over at the time. The Redskins are no strangers to injuring running backs in garbage time, as last season late in the year Vikings running back Adrian Peterson tore his left knee to shreds in a meaningless game.

This game was far from meaningless for either side. For the Redskins, they are in the thick of trying to win the NFC East, and for the Eagles it’s a fight to save jobs in Philly as the house is likely to be cleaned out after what has been an awful season.

The McCoy injury is another blemish on the record of Andy Reid this season. While you can’t truly faulty Reid for leaving the only productive offensive player on his team in the game, and no one really could have seen the injury coming, it was still a game far out of reach to the point where you put in guys lower on the depth chart.

Now McCoy joins quarterback Michael Vick in the concussion club and things just keep getting worse for an Eagles team already in the dumps.

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