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Gangam Style: Psy to Perform at NFL's 'Canadian Super Bowl'

Yes, Psy is still a thing a global musical sensation and his presence is invading the NFL once again. It has been announced that the Korean rap sensation will perform at halftime of the NFL’s International Series game in Toronto, Canada between the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills on December 16th.

There’s a lot to love about Psy’s massive success in America, as he’s been able to tap into the stupidity of how easily American’s are entertained by repetition, goofy dances and catchy hooks. He’s been all over the place and he’s exploiting a massive cash cow that is continuing to rake in the bug bucks, and his appearance at Halftime of an NFL game three months after his song went viral goes to show either we have nothing better to offer or we’re still entertained by an Asian guy dancing goofy with half naked women.

Honestly, what more does one need?

I have a lot of respect for this guy, he’s going overboard with everything he does and American’s are eating it up like it’s Big Macs dipped in chili covered in chocolate. That flamboyant, over the top style he’s taking to the bank is what wee can expect at halftime on December 16th.

PSY’s halftime performance will feature more than 60 dancers, Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders, and hundreds of contest winners.

Excuse me while I set my DVR.

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