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Maryland to Vote Monday on Move from ACC to Big Ten; Rutgers Would Follow

Movement between confrences in college football has become the norm in the last few years, and it has had a ripple effect in other sports. It was monumental a decade or so ago when Miami moved from the Big East to the ACC, but now it seems every year we have one or two major programs switch conferences.

Maryland is going to vote on Monday whether or not their the next big name school to move.

According to a report, the University System of Maryland’s Board of Regents will meet at 9 a.m. Monday to vote whether to accept an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference, thus leaving the ACC. But if Maryland moves, it seems it will be a package deal that includes a team from the Big East.

Should Maryland vote to move to the Big Ten, Rutgers would follow them from the BIg East and thus a massive deal will have been made that could make the Big Ten a major conference, and at the very least will wide the revenue net for all the schools.

Last season when major schools switched conferences and it seemed schools were basically being bid on or persuaded to come to a certain conference, the Big Ten had grand plans to add Rutgers, Maryland and possibly Syracuse. The reasoning behind this is all about money, and has little to do with the competitiveness of the conference.

If Maryland and Rutgers move to the Big Ten, the Big Tn Network would then have a huge market on the East coast, thus expanding potential revenue further than just the midwest. Right now, the furthest east the Big Ten Network necessarily reaches is Pennsylvania, but adding two East Coast schools has always been the plan — for obvious reasons.

There is no certainty that Maryland will vote to join the Big Ten, but according to ESPN, Under Armour founder and Maryland uber-booster Kevin Plank is “100 percent” behind the Terrapins moving from the ACC to the Big Ten. The vote is set for early morning Monday so by the afternoon, we could have yet another school switch to another major conference.

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