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Report: Mike Holmgren Will Only Coach for the Dallas Cowboys

Rumors have been swirling as to a possible return to the NFL for former coach Mike Holmgren, and now according to reports there appears to be only one team he’d be willing to take over — a team that already is seemingly pushing their current head coach out the door.

According to a report, Mike Holmgren will only return to an NFL sideline if it’s the one down in Dallas.

This latest bit of news comes after a few weeks of speculation surrounding Holmgren and the Cowboys. Holmgren insists he hasn’t had any contact with the Cowboys, but owner Jerry Jones was cryptic in some comments that he made, and it’s those comments that are fueling the fire that not only could Holmgren become the new head coach in Dallas, but that Jason Garrett is on his way out the door.

That should come as no secret however, as Garrett has struggled since taking over as head coach.  Blame Tony Romo, blame the schemes or the makeup of the roster, but Jason Garrett is and will be the scape goat at the end of the season, so much so that the search for his replacement in Dallas is already headline news.

Sean Payton has had his name kicked around, as he’s from the area but it appears the Saints may make a major play to keep him in New Orleans. At the very least, the Cowboys have multiple options at head coach and they’ll need as many as they can get after the rough few years they’ve endured.

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  • vaguy1919

    They’re gonna need something because from what I’ve seen in the first half they are pathetic. No fire…no nothing…and points are included in that.

  • C. Joseph Wright

    You vaguely reference a “report” several times. What report? Holmgren has denied all the rumors.

    • Jessika R.

      They said something about this on ESPN this morning, and he said he got it from Chris Mortensen, that’s where everyone else is getting this from. Of course he’s denied all rumors, what is he supposed to do, I mean he’s been chumy with Jerry for weeks now, you’d be blind not to see the writing on the wall.

      • C. Joseph Wright

        Those “reports” did not suggest that Holmgren would “only” coach in Dallas, but that he might. Saying he would “only” coach there goes far beyond any reports I have read.

  • Daunte Weiss