Nov 17, 2012; Waco, TX, USA; Baylor Bears players celebrate with fans after the game against the Kansas State Wildcats at Floyd Casey Stadium. The Bears beat the Wildcats 52-24. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Baylor Bears Take A Shot At Alabama Crimson Tide, SEC

The Baylor Bears pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the college football season on Saturday when they knocked off No. 1 ranked Kansas State in Waco, Texas.

Baylor is not known for their defense — which is one of the worst units in college football — but the team played at a top level during the upset victory. Following the win, Baylor did not take the high road. Instead, they decided to take a shot at one of the top team’s and conferences in the nation.

“Alabama… we would have beat them tonight,” said Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett. “That’s why Texas A&M is doing well in that league. [Those SEC teams] don’t face anything like us.”

Oh boy, it’s getting deep.

Let’s not downplay the performance by Baylor and what they were able to accomplish, but to suggest they could have handled a top-ranked team like Alabama is just ludicrous. Not only would the Baylor offense struggle to score against the stout defense of Alabama, but the Crimson Tide’s offense would roll over the cupcake defense of Baylor.

It was a good victory by the football team and is a signature win this season, but the team is tooting their own horn a little too much.


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  • dsjj251

    why compare yourself to Texas AM.

    the last time those 2 teams met, Am walked away with a 55-28 victory. THAT is why AM is doing so well, they are a far better team. Last year, AM only lost to OK State by 1, Arkansas by 4,Mizzou by 7 in Over time, K State by 3 in the 4th overtime, and Texas by 2. The only time that beat AM in the Big 12 by a sizable margin was Oklahoma, “if the wind blew a different direction” AM could have been an 11-1 team last year.

    His argument somehow assumed that AM and Baylor where on the same level and they were not. AM had a young team that made critical mistakes last year, this year those mistakes have simply been corrected.

  • Ryan Clark

    Aww.. Baylor strings together a couple of winning seasons and all of a sudden the school that was going to be left out in the cold during re-alignment talks of the Big 12, now has a big mouth.
    Keep in mind Baylor… you’re BAYLOR.

    West Virginia beat the Longhorns after moving from the Big East to the Big 12, I suppose this means the Big East is stronger than the Big 12, right ?!

  • disqus_2OVnaMxPB7

    Will someone point out that the SEC has FIVE TEAMS in the TOP TEN!! Yeah…we def are a sad conference…GEAUX TIGERS!!

  • disqus_gY6mmicBmi

    Baylor just needs to shut the hell up because your whole conference has no defense that’s why yall’s QBs can throw 300-400+ yards. The past few time yalls teams made it to the championship game you lost to the SEC.So just enjoy sitting in the BIG shadow of the SEC!!!

  • Raymond LaPointe

    Hey Baylor, maybe you will get a chance in your bowl game. Wait, that’s right, you won’t be going to a bowl game after Oklahoma St. thumps you this weekend. Be proud of your win, but don’t go completely off the deep end. One game doesn’t make you national championship caliber.

  • Michael Smith

    Hey here’s a thought put Bama on the schedule so we can kick that ass. 5 sec Teams in top 10

  • Soul_Train

    I DVRed the game. Watched the first 3 touchdowns against Alabama again. Texas A/M was holding a lot. They were dragging Bama players to the ground and the defense spent more time complaining than playing. Around the 2nd TD Alabama was flopping trying to sell the holding and still weren’t getting any calls. The result was Jonny Football running right and left all day. Still with no holding calls.

  • Soul_Train

    Well put Bama on the shedule.

  • Ron Stewart

    Comments like that is the reason he is the Defensive Coordinator at Baylor. They have such a great history of fine defensive teams.

  • Jane Barrett Ray

    SO how many NC have you won Baylor?

  • James Jordan

    you,d better hope you don,t have to play BAMA & eat ur words !

  • Danny Bowen

    Texas A&M didn’t have Johnny Manziel in the Big12.. and he is that entire team. Had he been in the Big12 this year A&M would be playing for a National Championship.

  • Carley Rowling

    This is the same Phil Bennett who was head coach of SMU for 6 years and couldn’t muster more than 2-3 wins a season…so yea, he knows what he’s talking about. Baylor would be 3-9 if they played an SEC schedule.

  • Don Turner

    Take a class in shutting up friend. People complain about our non-conf schedule.Come to Tuscaloosa, you’ll run back to Texas with your tail tucked,with proof bears get their asses wiped in the woods !