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UCS's Backup QB Max Wittek Guarantees Win over No. 1 Notre Dame

The USC Trojans have a mighty task ahead of them on Saturday in derailing Notre Dame’s season as it reaches it’s conclusion. It’s already known that starting quarterback Matt Barkley will not play, but that’s not stopping his replacement from making bolder than bold predictions about what will happen in South California on Saturday.

Not only is Max Wittek predicting that he’ll do great replacing Barkley, he’s going for it all and is predicting a Trojan’s win.

What is he supposed to say? You have to applaud Wittek’s gall, but then you’re free to follow it up with roaring laughter. Wittek is a redshirted freshman and he’s the guy who’s going to fill in after senior Barkley so it’s understandable he’s trying to firmly plant his feet in the role in a confident thud.

Wittek has actually been pretty great in the action he’s seen this year, so he’s not totally blowing hot air. But he may be inflating is worth just a bit, but considering how outrageously outmanned the Trojans seem to be when it comes to facing the Irish, it’s again commendable that Wittek is not cowering behind what could be an ugly game.

Let’s face the facts, Notre Dame doesn’t blow teams out, it suppresses them and chokes them out. So it’s not impossible to fathom a team slipping out of that sleeper hold before succumbing to a stout defensive attack. Will that team be the Trojan, well we’ve heard what Max Wittek thinks, now let’s see what actually happens.

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