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(VIDEO) Mark Sanchez Involved in Butt Ugly Fumble with Lineman's Behind

The New York Jets are bad, and that’s really understating things. On Thanksgiving, the Jets were subjected to one of the most embarrassing games turned in all season long by a professional sports team and for once in the history of the world, people — normal people — are beginning to sympathize with Jets fans for the horrible product they’re forced to call a football team.

But all of that Keystone Cops style football going on in New York was epitomized in one, wholly entertaining and hilarious play involving scapegoat Mark Sanchez.

After going in a quick hole, Mark Sanchez ran into another one and caused yet another Jets turnover. Down 14-0 in the first half, Sanchez took the snap but proceeded to slam right into his own lineman’s rear end, forcing him to the ground and causing a fumble that the Patriots recovered.

The thing about this is we don’t know which is more hilarious, the fact that a fumble was caused by a quarterback literally running into the rear end of his lineman or that running into the rear end of a lineman at what appeared to be a pretty slow speed, caused Sanchez to hit the ground like he had been decked by a linebacker.

Either way, the play pretty much puts New York’s season in a nutshell — nothing is going right for the Jets. While we have to sympathize with Jets fans because things have clearly gotten comical in the Big Apple, we can’t help but laugh our asses off at just how bad things are, pun very much intended.

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