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Andrew Bynum Ruled "Out Indefinitely" By Sixers

When Andrew Bynum wound up in Philly after the hectic Dwight Howard trade to the Lakers, everyone thought that the Magic were the team getting screwed in the deal. Turns out the Sixers may be the team on the shortest end of the stick, as at least the players that Orlando got in return are actually playing (albeit not well).

Sixers GM Tony DiLeo spoke today and stated that after controversially re-injuring his knee while bowling, the Sixers have officially ruled Bynum out indefinitely, which means there is absolutely no time table for his return to the team. He also said that Bynum’s knees are far worse than they were when he was traded to Philly.

“His knees now and the MRIs are not the same; it’s a different type (of) situation,” DiLeo said. “At the time of the trade, we had four doctors look at his MRI; we knew it was a calculated risk. We also knew we were getting the second-best center in the league, a franchise-type player. We took that risk.”

This is beyond disappointing to a Sixers team that basically gave up Andre Iguodala for a guy they thought would shore up their front-court. When Bynum is healthy and playing at 100 percent, he’s one of the best centers in the NBA, but he’s been a shell of that monstrous being recently, and this recent setback calls into question not only his future but his will to play.

For a guy like Bynum, if you have a serious and chronic knee issue, you don’t take that lightly. If you want to expierence bowling, watch The Big Lebowski, it’s far more entertaining than actually bowling and you still get your fix. This re-injuring of the knee is all on Bynum and frankly it’s too bad for both the Sixers and the man himself.

DiLeo stopped shorts of saying what I just said, this is all Bynum’s fault and no one else’s.

“[The bowling injury] is an unfortunate situation; when the cartilage is in a weakened state anything can happen,” DiLeo said. “Basically, you can’t do anything that is going to jeopardize any kind of rehab.”

With no time table for his return, the Sixers will have to both deal with filling Bynum’s shoes for the foreseeable future and deal with his God-awful haircut (it’s starting to grow out) sitting on the bench collecting checks.


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