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(VIDEO) Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien Drops F-Bomb on National TV After Win


The Penn State Nitty Lions aren’t going to be playing in a BCS bowl, they’re not in the thrilling fight to finish 1-2 in the country and they’re not even going to the post season. But that’s not stopping them from being one of the most inspirational stories of this college football season, and that has everything to do with head coach Bill O’Brien.

Many are saying that after becoming the first Penn State head coach to win eight games in his first season ( like he’s had a lot of competition), O’Brien is the front runner for the National Coach of the Year award. Not because his team finished with 8 wins but because his team finished 8 wins under pretty incredible circumstances that perhaps other schools would have cracked under.

But there is one thing that is certain — O’Brien love his players, and he loves them enough to curse on live television when referring to them. After the Nitty Lions win thrilling 24-21 upset win over Wisconsin, O’Brien was asked how he felt about his team. It appeared that he called his team “a bunch of f–ers” but some said he said “fighters” in a weird way.

We went to the tale of the tape, and the tale is not one for the wee ones.

Now, is it just me or was that an interesting choice of word to describe your players? Beyond the fact he cursed on live TV, he called his players “a bunch of f—ers” but meant it in a positive way. I don’t know about you but when I call someone that, it’s usually not paying them a compliment. Maybe I’ve been misusing that word since I was six, who knows.

Frankly, O’Brien can say whatever the hell he wants to. He’s the head coach of a football team no one wanted to touch with a thousand foot pole as recently as four months ago. Not only did he keep his team together, he managed to win 8 games, beat some good schools and finish the year with a win over Big Ten rival Wisconsin.

Penn State needed some serious healing, particularly the football program. An eight win season does not erase the past in any way, shape or form. But it does help this school move forward, and I’ll drop an f-bomb to that any day.

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