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No.1 Notre Dame Finishes Off USC, Clinches National Championship Berth

The dream season for the Notre Dame Irish will continue for one more game — the most important game they’ve played all season. Not in my lifetime have the Notre Dame Fighting Irish played in a National Championship game, but that dire streak comes to an end now, as the Irish have defeated the USC Trojans and have earned a shot at the title.

As much debate that will be had over whether or not the Irish deserve a title shot or have an actual chance against an SEC team, the fact of the matter remains that at the beginning of this season, the odds and critics were stacked against head coach Brian Kelly but he’s delivered. Historically, the third year has been a make or break year for Notre Dame head coaches and boy did Kelly ever make this year, at least so far.

There is still one massive game ahead of them, and the Irish can’t afford to celebrate yet, but they should be proud of what they’re doing.

However, right away — even before the USC game– there were critics saying Notre Dame is no match for Alabama and has no business being in a title game. Those critiques aren’t unjustified, as the Irish have been in close games all year long and have only really blown out one team all season long and that was Navy in the season opener.

But there’s a difference between style and substance. As we saw often this season, style is cool but it doesn’t always equate to wins. West Virginia and Geno Smith were lighting people up, but they barely made this season bowl eligible when all was said and done. Kansas State and Oregon put big numbers up all year long but both lost out on chances to play each other in the title game.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, hasn’t been blowing opponents away but they’ve been winning games. And at the end of the day you can have big breasts and pouty lips but if you have rocks for brains you get only as far as your body takes you. Transplant a brain for the beauty and you have something with longevity and Notre Dame is benefiting wonderfully from that this season.

Do the have a chance against an SEC team, well we have time to discuss. But what we do know for certain is they will get a shot at a title, SEC team — or the entire NCAA and BCS for that matter– be damned.

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