Sprinklers Go Off in the Middle of the Seahawks-Dolphins Game

Nothing is going right right for the Dolphins this year from an up and down team to a stadium that needs to be renovated. We found out just how badly Sun Life needs to be updated today when the sprinklers went off in the middle of the game causing a delay.

This has pretty much been the story for the Dolphins this year. The stadium needs renovations as it’s a 25 year old relic in this modern era of the NFL, and now haters and conspiracy theorists alike can unite in their pleas for something to change, as this is wholly embarassing and will surely be fodder for the entire week.

Well it might be if the Dolphins were a relevant franchise.

Things are getting better very, very slowly for Miami, but this sprinkler debacle pretty much puts the season in a nutshell. It will no doubt etch itself into the lore of this era of Dolphins football and will be yet another thing that fans can lash out and roll their eyes at when it comes to management, how this team is run and how absolute garbage the stadium truly is.

I mean, when your sprinklers don’t even work, it’s kind of apparent that maybe some money needs to be put into the building. But for the time being it just gives the rest of us something new to laugh about when it comes to the Dolphins.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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